Built by a team of ex-founders, L2V is a seed stage venture capital firm built for the post-cloud, post-mobile, post-accelerator world of technology startups.


Startups are now easier to start, require dramatically less capital and grow at unprecedented rates. Tradtional VC wasn't built for this era. We are.


The great group mentality, the biggest impacts and the largest returns -- these are but a few of the reasons why we love early stage.

General Partners

Joe Montana

Hall of fame QB. Founder: $1B+ Fund-of-funds, commercial bank, marketing company. Serial angel investor.

Mike Miller

Ph.D. Physicist with 100+ publications. Founder: Cloudant (YCS08) acquired 2014 (IBM Cloud Data Services).

Michael Ma

Harvard Business School. Founder: TalkBin (YCW11) acquired by Google (google.com/mybusiness).

Liquid 2 Ventures, L.P.
SOMA, San Francisco, CA